About Alcohelp

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Alcohelp seeks to prevent alcohol abuse through information and education. Since the foundations for alcohol dependency start in adolescence, Alcohelp primarily seeks to raise awareness of the dangers of alcohol amongst those aged 8 to 17.

As a non - profit making charity, our objectives in accordance with the Charity Commission, are:

  • To preserve and protect the good health, and to relieve the poverty, of persons who are affected by alcohol, by the provision of counselling, financial support and other facilities and to fund research into the factors contributing to alcohol abuse and the useful dissemination of such results.
  • To advance the education of the public, in all matters relating to alcohol abuse with regard to its misuse and personal, medical and social issues.
  • To offer training for professionals and volunteers in the treatment and prevention of alcohol misuse related problems

At present we are active only in Essex in the UK. However, in the longer term we plan to take our highly-successful programme into the neighbouring counties and ultimately to see it available across the country. But the first step in that process is to consolidate what we have achieved here in Essex and to build a stable base from which we can move forward.

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