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Here at Alcohelp, we see evaluation is a very important appraisal tool. We list below evaluation downloads of our work which give a clear indication of the merit , worth and significance of the Alcohelp programmes.

At the Crucial Crew sessions we asked the children various questions about their perception of alcohol. These are some of our findings:

  • The majority of children recognise drunkeness in others.
  • A great many have seen drunkeness in their own families.
  • Most don't like the taste of alcohol unless in a sweetish (alcopop)  drink such as WKD, Smirnoff Ice, Bacardi Breezer, Cider. Where the alcohol burn is masked by fruit flavours.
  • Most children know brands but don't necessarily associate them with alcohol.
  • Some think J2O  contains alcohol because the similar packaging to alcopops.
  • Many didn't think cider contained alcohol.
  • Children minimise the amount they drink !

Their comments on alcohol after the 10 minute presentation:

Quotes from kids