Staying safe:

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Drinking alcohol clouds your judgement and often takes away your fears. This means that it is more likely you'll do something risky or dangerous that you wouldn't normally decide to do.

The best advice for your health and safety is not to drink alcohol until you're 18.

However, if you are involved in social activities where alcohol is present, here are a couple of tips to help increase your safety:

  • Make sure you know how you're getting home and always have some money put aside for a taxi – just in case.
  • Tell your parents or carers as well as your friends where you're going before you go out.
  • Have a number for a trusted cab company with you before you go out.

Never walk home alone – you are particularly open to attack if wandering the streets alone at night.

If you must drink, keep an eye on how much alcohol you're consuming because drinks come in all shapes and sizes. For example, many alco-pops contain as much alcohol as a generous shot of whiskey. Too many of those will put you in a very serious state indeed.

All our events and workshops carry key messages on how to safe. If you have any questions though, you can always contact us