Davenant Foundation School herald alcoHELP a success

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Davenant Foundation School herald alcoHELP a success

15 October 2012

In a letter regarding alcoHELP's support, Davenant Foundation School's  PSHCEe co-ordinator and Head of Child Development and Psychology, wrote:

"At Davenant Foundation School we have been very fortunate to have presentations by alcoHELP for several years now. These talks are always powerful with considerable impact on the young people watching them.

Students are easily drawn in as the presentation is compelling and relevant to their lives. Indeed the impact has been lasting with a majority of students reporting that it had made them think more deeply about a range of issues around alcohol and addiction in general.

Furthermore, they felt it was hard hitting and would persuade people to avoid getting involved in binge drinking and associated behaviours.

The powerpoint itself is engaging with a range of carefully chosen, humorous and thought provoking images. The two presenters are an extremely effective team of communicators who can manage all types of difficult situations. At the same time there is the right amount of humour and opportunities to enjoy and interact in the whole talk. 
Both students and staff are fully engaged and always speak very highly of the experience of hearing this talk.

Students’ comments included: “I realise that I need to be careful who I hang out with” and “I am going to be careful about what I drink and where.”

Another impressive feature of alcoHELP is the slick organisation and communication making the whole process trouble free and easy to arrange.
Please do not hesitate to ask me if you have any further questions."

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